Friday, September 24, 2004



Let's have a look at how the candidates shape up on the subject of HEALTH.

Iain Wright says he will fight hard to make sure Labour's investment keeps improving healthcare services in the town, both in our hospital and in the other new health centres that are on their way.

We are opposed to any proposal to close or reduce services at our hospital. We want to give people the kind of choice that today only money can buy and our aim is to eliminate waiting lists within our first parliament.

Jody Dunn says I am convinced that Hartlepool deserves a full district general hospital with consultant-led accident and emergency, paediatrics and maternity services. We deserve genuine answers from the strategic health authority and the Government.

Along with John Bloom, the Respect candidate, I was on the marches, carried the banners, attended the rallies and collected signatures on the original petition. Saving the hospital requires a strong voice in Westminster, someone who will not toe party lines or use the hospital as a political football.

Shamefully, through the private finance initiative, New Labour is handing over ownership of our hospitals to huge private corporations who always put profit before our people's health. John Reid says our hospital won't close while he is health secretary. Who do you trust, a here-today-gone-tomorrow politician or John Bloom and the Save Our Hospital campaigners.

Blair's government has such contempt for England that the health minister is a Scottish MP who has forced through foundation hospitals for England (rejected in Scotland), using Scottish MP's votes to do so! The only answer to this is a parliament for England.

Leave the hospital as it is. Make the health service administration transparent on a virtual site for all to scrutinize on line. Your billions are shared out by the old-boys' network to the old-boys' network. Use some of the money saved to set up centres to treat drug addicts.

We need what we haven't got, namely a quality health service with hospitals to match, managed by their own doctors and nurses,

New Labour has already announced privatisation of forensic services. Withdrawal from the EU and cutting defence spending would give us the cash needed to re-build our NHS. Make polling day NHS day - Vote Herriot.

I am a medical doctor and have worked in hospitals for many years. Hartlepool hospital is a good hospital - If it's not broke, don't fix it.

From the start Iris Ryder has opposed the hospital and services being removed. We need a health service that will help people to lead healthier lives. Such investment will eventually save money.

Jim Starkey contracted MRSA after a routine knee operation 2 years ago and is appalled at the current state of our NHS. He will oppose any decision to close Hartlepool hospital in the future.

FATHERS 4 JUSTICE would like to thank all the hard-working and dedicated staff that work in our health service. When we say OUR health service, we mean OUR. It does not belong to the political parties, it belongs to us, the ordinary people. Family breakdown and the way family courts treat our children has a massive impact on the health service.

All hospital wards should be surrounded by mirrors to make them look bigger. The NHS should be funded bt the National Lottery and all betting money from the Grand National.


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